Home Sweet Home

It was a wonderous, adventurous 17 days. We left for Lima on May 16th full of excitement for what was in store for us and we returned home yesterday with just as much excitement. We experienced the southern Pacific coast of Peru – first in Lima, then Ica and Nazca.  We spent the most time in the Andean Mountain city of Cusco – learning Spanish, working with children, living with local families, and exploring the rich cultural and historical sites of the city. Then we flew east out of the cool, dry mountains into the hot, humid lowland Amazon jungle region.

Our trip was exciting, fun, and awe-inspiring, but we were ready to come home and see our families, to sleep in our own beds, to wash our clothes.  I think when I finally opened my suitcase, flies buzzed out of it! =)

Our journey home started on Friday.  We boarded a boat at the Jungle Lodge at 7 am to take the 2 hour ride back into civilization.  We then caught a flight from Puerto Maldonado, through Cusco, to Lima.  We overnighted in Lima Friday night.  Well, rather I should say, we spent 11 hours in Lima and it happened to be night-time.  Enough time for a long, hot shower.  I think I used an entire bar of soap.  A nice dinner, a caramel macchiato, and a nap followed. We awoke around 3 am Saturday morning and climbed aboard the bus to the airport.  We flew from Lima to Miami, and then Miami to Raleigh, NC.  Then just a short 2 hour ride home by bus.  We arrived in New Bern at 10 pm last night.  We were dirty, tired, and glad to be home.

It was a trip of a lifetime.  I would do it all again in a New York minute.  The final travel counnt by my estimation is: 8 flights, 7 boat rides, 2 trains, 18 bus trips, and at least as many taxi rides around Cusco city.   Our families were waiting when we returned.  They were a sight for our travel weary eyes.

Now that I am back, and slept an bit, and even did a few loads of jungle-grubby laundry.  I am ready to slip back into my normal routine – at least until next year!  But the story doesn’t end here.  Stay tuned for more posts in the near future.  Once I re-acclimate to my normal routine, I will be able to process everything we did while there.  I will be better able to reflect on the trip and maybe do Machu Picchu and Tambopata Ecological Reserve more justice in my recounting these experiences.  And of course there are many pictures to come!!

So, No esta adios, pero solamente hasta luego.  Vamous hablar pronto!  Buena suerte!


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