Blending Cultures: Amuletos de las Casas


House Dedication Amulets

 Peruvians have an interesting house dedication-protection ritual that I noticed while traveling around on the bus.  On the roofs of homes was an amulet consisting of 2 oxen with a cross in the middle, and a clay pot on each end.  Luis, our guide while traveling down the coast from Lima, explained its significance.  The oxen represent Pachamamma or mother earth.  The cross symbolizes Catholic religion and protection.  One pot is for chicha which symbolizes abundance, work, and plenty.  The other pot is for holy water, a blessing for the house.

The amulet is an interesting mix of indigenous symbolism and Catholic symbolism.  It represents the blending of ancient Andean religious beliefs with the Catholic religious beliefs brought over to the New World by the Spanish Conquistadors.


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