The Road to Western Ireland

Slane 2

The Rock Star Tour departed Dublin after my impromptu tour of Georgian architecture and headed west.  On the road we were to Bundoran!  Our first stop was near Slane Village in the Boyne River Valley where our fearless leader, Niamh, gave us a brief history of the area.

Boyne River Valley

Slane 3  Slane 4

The River Boyne, An Bhóinn or Abhainn na Bóinne, is located in Leinster, Ireland.  It Spans Trinity Well, Newberry Hall, near Carbury, County Kildare, and extends towards the Northeast through County Meath to reach the Irish Sea between Mornington, County Meath and Baltray, County Louth.  The Boyne River Valley has historical, archaeological and mythical significance. The Battle of the Boyne, a major battle in Irish history, took place along the Boyne. It passes near the ancient city of Trim, Trim Castle, the Hill of Tara (the ancient capital of the High King of Ireland, more to come on that later), Navan, the Hill of Slane,  and the archaeological site of Newgrange, Brú na Bóinne (more to come on that later as well).

Battle of Boyne

The Battle of Boyne  occurred in 1690 between William III, Prince of Orange and King of England, protestant and James II, Catholic king who fought with Irish support.  The battle was won by William for the English, Scottish, & Irish thrones.  This battle is celebrated on 7/12 each year.

Slane Castle & Village

Slane Castle 2

The Hill of Slane, which overlooks the Castle, is where St. Patrick lit his paschal fire, which caused him to be summoned by the High King to Tara, and to make a long story short, Ireland was subsequently converted to Christianity. The Castle was also a setting for a famous historical romance between King George IV of England and the  great, great, great, great grandmother of Lord Henry Conyngham, Elizabeth, the first Marchioness Conyngham.  According to Niamh, Lord Conyngham hosts many musical events at Slane Castle for residents of the surrounding area.

One last interesting tidbit – Frances Ledwidge, an Irish war poet killed in action during WWI was from Slane, in Co. Meath.

Back in the Bus we went, on the road west toward our next adventure.  As Niamh would say, “and we go…” while hearding us back into the bus with a flourish of her arm.  Bundoran or Bust!


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