Una Fin de Semana Que Fue Muy Divertido

Hola Amigos!

Que una fin de semana!  We went to Cotopaxi on Saturday. Some of us even made it to the upper waystation at 13,000 ft.  It took I think 1 1/2 hours to slowly climb up to it, but hat a view once we did!  We could see for miles and miles.  The volcano itself is also very beautiful.

On Sunday we went to the cloud forest. That was even better.  Hard to believe, but true.  We hiked through the forest for 2-3 miles up and down the mountain slopes.  We even climbed 3 small(ish) waterfalls and forded through a running stream for most of the hike.  It was very challenging but so much fun.  After our hike we had a tasty lunch of trout.  Mmmm!

Today is the day we return to the US.  It has been a fun and wonderful trip.  Now it is time to go.  Our flight does not leave until tonight so we spent the day roaming the historic center of Quito one last time.

Homeward bound we are shortly, I will be posting lots of pics once I recover from the trip!


La Ultima Clase de Espanol

Hola Amigos!

It is hard to believe but our time in Quito is coming to an end.  Yesterday after class we took los ninos to the park.  We all rode in the paddle boats on the lake and then had juice and a cupcake.  We spent the remainder of the afternoon playing games in the park.

Afterwards the students and I had a dance lesson.  We learned to salsa and merenge.  It was lots of fun.  Today is our last Spanish class and our instructors are going to take us to the fruit and vegetable market for the last hour of class.  We will learn about the local produce that we cannot find in the US and sample some local dishes.

Our afternoon is free so we will wander around Quito and discover the hidden treasures that we have not had time to explore yet.

Tomorrow we will visit Cotapaxi and on Sunday we will go to the cloud forrest.

Hasta Luego!

Los Ninos

Hola Amigos!

Yesterday was a busy day.  We spent the morning in our Spanish language classes and then had a tasty lunch at the Academia.

After lunch we returned to the after school program to work with los ninos.  We spent the first part of the afternoon making crafts.  The rest of the afternoon we taught the children american games like simon says, telephone, and red light – green light.  It was lots of fun.

Today we will again have language classes in the morning.  This afternoon we will take the children to the park.

Hasta Luego!

La Casa de la Cultura

Hola Amigos!

Yesterday was busy as well.  We all attended our first Spanish class in the morning.  I am learning to speak better in the past tense.  There are no more than 3 students in any one class.  We practice reading, writing, and speaking.  The entire class in taught in Spanish.

After a tasty lunch, we visited La Casa de la Cultura, it is Quito’s archaeological musuem.  We were able to learn about the different cultures that lived in Ecuador before the arrival of the Inca and Spaniards.  There were many artifacts – ceramics, metals, shell, even a mummy!

Today and tomorrow we will have Spanish classes in the morning  and then spend the afternoon with los ninos in the afterschool program.

Hasta Luego!

Un examen de Espanol, Caramba!

Hola Amigos!

Yesterday we all took our Spanish placement exams.  There was a written and oral component.  Today we will find out what class we placed into based on the exam.  After our test we went to the historic center of Quito and toured the colonial churchs and visited the presidental palace.  It was quite fun.

After lunch we took the bus across the city to the north and met the children in the afterschool program we will be volunteering at for the rest of the week.  They were very sweet.  We played a few games, they told us what they learned at the program and then asked us questions about the US and our college.

This morning we will have Spanish language classes.  Then after lunch we will visit the archaeological museum.

Hasta Luego!

El Dia Libre

Today was our “free” day in Quito.  No structured activities for the day, so we were free to wander around and explore what the city had to offer.  We started the day by taking the teleferiqo up the Pichincha volcano.  What a view!  After our ride up the mountain we walked around Quito just taking in the sights and smells.  We had lunch at La Cocina.  I had some tasty empanadas.  We spent the afternoon in El Parque de la Carolina eating pastries we purchased in the local panaderia.

Tomorrow we take our placement exams for our Spanish language lessons and meet the children in our service project.

Explorers Return to Quito!

Hola Amigos!

It has been an action packed 48 hours.  We visited several cities in the northern Pichincha and Imbabura proviences.   We saw a demonstration of the bread dough figures being molded in Calderon.  I bought a few of course.  We next went to the city of Cayambe and toured the Roseadex Rose plantation and Hacienda de Compania.  Afterwards we dashed off to Cotacachi to shop for the wonderful leather products they specialize in.  We ended our wanderings by hiking around the Cuicocha volcanic lake.  We then indulged in some well deserved Helado de Paila back in Cotacachi.

Our day ended close to Otovalo at the Hacienda del Sol lodge where we had a wonderful dinner and spent the night.  Early this morning we went to the Otovalo indigenous market and bought many wonderful treasures to remind us of our trip once we return home.  We had a special lunchat the home of an indigenous man who served us quinoa soup and roasted chicken.  We even tasted the local dish – cuy.  We have now returned to Quito for some rest.  Manana we will wander around Quito exploring the city.

Hasta Luego!

Exploring the local towns…

Hola Amigos!

We will be exploring the local towns today and tomorrow.  We will visit Calderon to see the famous bread dough figurines, a rose plantation too.  Did you know that Ecuador is the #1 rose exporter in the world?  Me either until today.  Then we will go to Cotacachi, a town famous for their leather goods.  In the afternoon we will visit San Ibarra.  Tomorrow morning we will explore Otovalo and buy many wonderful things in the market.

Nos Vemos!

¡Llegamos en Ecuador!

¡Hola Amigos! Llegamos in Quito, Ecuador a noche. It was a very long day. We left the College at 8:30 in the morning yesterday and arrived in Quito at 11 pm last night. We first took at shuttle to RDU, 2 1/2 hours away. Our first flight connected through Atlanta and then a 5 1/2 flight into the new Quito aereopuerto. And I mean really new, it has only been open 3 months. Diego, our friend and President of the Academia was waiting for us there. We drove an hour into the city and met our host families at the academia.

Not much more time for anything other than sleep last night. This morning I had a nice breakfast with my host mother Susana. She is an Accountant. The rest of the morning I spent unpacking my Malleta mas grande 🙂 We are all amassing at the Academia now for lunch and then off to El Mitad del Mundo. I can’t wait to see the Equator!


¡Es Casi El Tiempo Para Salir!

Less than 24 hours now!   The students are excited, the Academia ready for us.  I even managed to pack yesterday.

Pretrip mtg

The students all attended our pre-trip orientation meeting on Friday morning.  Last minute details were discussed and questions answered.  We even have a new friend joining our group.  Keep an eye out for him while we travel, the Craven CC mascot is going global.

Donde esta Knight

Meet our newest participant Knight.  He is ready to study abroad as well.  Stay tuned for his escapades abroad.

¡Nos Vemos!

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