Papa Imbabura

Our next stop as we explored northern Ecuador was Mira Largo in the Imbabura province.  We hiked around the San Pablo lake, a volcanic caldera of the Imbabura stratovolcano.


lake 2

Imbabura is 4,609-meter-high mountain located in the southern ring of fire, in northern Ecuador.  Although it has not erupted for at least 14,000 years, it is not thought to be entirely extinct.  As the dominant geographic feature of the area, Imbabura is of significant importance to the local culture, which involves a spiritual relationship with the land. The mountain is sometimes personified locally as Taita Imbabura, or “Papa” Imbabura. In fact, Imbabura is considered the sacred protector of the region.


DSC00701  DSC00702



We explored the cultural displays as we hiked around the lake.  Each display had different areas with indigenous stones used for a variety of ritual purposes in prehistory.


The area is also the habitat of the speckled bear.  The speckled bear eats the spiking looking achupalla plant.

As we were leaving Mira Lago to head to Otovalo, we met two indigenous Otovalean women.  Our fearless leader Diego offered them a ride on our bus and in exchange they sang a traditional song for us.

The song, in Quechua, spoke of Otovaleans traveling around the world selling their goods.  Then of course, they showed us their wares….


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