Oldest Bog Body – Archaeology Magazine

Oldest Bog Body – Archaeology Magazine.


Somewhere named Sligo

Western Ireland really is awe-inspiring. Can’t wait until May when we take a whole bunch of students and faculty!


It’s the palm trees that get you.

There are some things you expect to see in Ireland: rolling green hills, fields of sheep, rainbows with leprechauns at the end pouring pints of Guinness. But not palm trees.

And yet, in a little pocket of the northwest known as Sligo, you’ll find them. You’ll also find other things that seem out-of-place for the Emerald Isle, like a Kiwi surf instructor who came up from down under because the waves are just better in Ireland. And ancient sea fossils embedded in the sand, seemingly so many of them that you can barely put a foot down without landing on a piece of marine life that’s millions of years old. And stand-up paddleboard lessons, and chefs dedicated to organic foods, and musicians jamming in pubs and on the streets as evening falls (okay, that last one is totally what you expect to…

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Moche Artifact – Peru – Archaeology Magazine

Artifact – Archaeology Magazine.

Chachapoyas Children’s Cemetery Found in Peru

Chachapoyas Children’s Cemetery Found in Peru.

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