Celebrating All things Irish this Spring!

2013 is now a memory, It’s 2014 already!

Ireland 2014

Time will fly by and before long our group of 27 will be on our way to Western Ireland.  It will be a fantastic journey with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members all joining forces to experience Irish culture in person.


In preparation for our journey in May, we will celebrate all things Irish here on campus for the Spring semester. We took a sneak peek during the fall with a lecture on Irish Mythology and an Irish Poetry reading based on the works of W.B. Yeats.  This semester students will be participating in workshops about Irish culture, history, politics, and economy as part of their pre-trip studies.  We will also be hosting an monthly Irish Film Series, staring out with The Field at the end of this month.

Study Abroad Club Logo

The Study Abroad Club here at the college has also kicked into fundraising mode – with several of the students, and one of our instructors, knitting green scarves and selling them.  They are very warm and we have sold a bunch already.  Mine is fabulous 🙂

Hope you will all stay with us as we explore Ireland with even more gusto that Peru and Ecuador.  Stay tuned…..


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