Visiting Northern Ireland

Yesterday was an informative day. We made the short trip over the border into Northern Ireland to visit the city of Derry. Derry is one of the few walled cities left in Ireland.

Our visit was very powerful and moving. We made the journey to learn more about the conflict in Northern Ireland and the peace process that started in 1994.

Our first stop was the Free Derry Museum. We learned about the events of Blood Sunday from people who were there the day of the civil rights march and participated in it. We heard the stories of loss. We listened to actual audio recordings from the time of the event. We viewed the objects that represent the people who were lost and the pain of a whole community.

It is hard not to be touched by these things. I had visited before and thought that this time I was prepared for what I would see and hear. I was wrong. It was just as painful this time as well. Such sadness, but the process of healing has begun. In that there is hope.

After we recovered from our visit to the museum, we took a walking tour of the murals and then had lunch at the Gasworks. It is a local cooperative of Bogside women who run a cafe and use the profits for the community – daycare, education, etc.

We spent the afternoon touring the wall. The views from the wall of both sides of the river we spectacular. And what a contrast from the Bogside section to the area behind the wall.

Our evening in Bundoran was fun as well. Another delicious dinner at La Sabbia. Too many more of these and I won’t fit into my seat on the plane ride home. After dinner we met the freshly arrived students and faculty from Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, the mayor of Bundoran, and Bundoran’s Tourism Officer.

We capped the evening off with some Reggae music from the Waggamuffins at the Atlantic Apartotel.


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