Leaving Our Mark

I cannot believe we have been here 5 days already! Well 6 if you count today as well, but it’s just getting started. I am enjoying some quiet time while everyone else sleeps in on a Sunday morning. And it is some well deserved extra sleep time indeed.

Yesterday started off with a fabulous lesson on the Gaelic language with Collie. We all learned our Gaelic names and how to spell them in Ohm, the root language from which Gaelic derives. Just remember when in country, no need to call it Gaelic, everyone calls it speaking Irish!

After writing out our names in Ohm, we learned how to have a short conversation with each other. We learned the Irish words for hello, how are you, and how to tell someone your name. Of course goodbye at the end and the ever important Slainte – comes in handy later 🙂 Collie ended our lesson by recounting an Irish myth. Hope we get a chance to hear another before we leave Bundoran. Collie is a great storyteller.

Our afternoon was very busy as well. We spent an hour or two exploring Bundoran in small groups. Then the students and faculty members headed over to the Donegal Adventure Center (DAC) to create a mural. We want our new friends to remember us after we leave. What better way than to paint a mural? Some of the others in our group headed to Sligo to explore the city a bit more and another small group went to visit a local pottery manufacturer in Ballyshannon.

What a fabulous time it was deciding how to represent our college on the wall. The group came together as a team to decide how it should look, delegated different areas of the mural to different people, and then went to work. The end result above was fantastic.

We all worked up a big appetite painting. After another really tasty dinner at La Sabbia, some of the students were brave enough to try the ropes course at the DAC. They climbed the rock wall, repelled down the tower, and tried to walk the ropes. I am totally impressed with my girls. They rock!

But it’s not over yet! 51 had some traditional Irish musicians in the pub last night. What a treat to find out it was my friend Connie, who I met when I visited in 2012. It is nice to see old friends again. He and his partner sounded wonderful. Our very own Betty G. joined in on the keyboard and played us a few songs as well. And Bob & Susan H. showed us their dance moves by clogging for us and Connie and his friend played for us.

I do believe we have officially taken over Bundoran 🙂




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