Off to Donegal

Hard to believe that today is our last day in Bundoran. The 8 days have gone fast. It will be hard to say goodbye to our friends tomorrow morning and head off to Dublin.

Niamh returned to us yesterday, after her defection to the Kirkwood group for the weekend. Fickle woman 😀 good thing we adore Collie & John too. Seriously, yesterday we started out the day with a baking lesson at La Sabbia. We learned how to make scones, wheaten bread, tea brack, and soda bread three different ways – plain, savory with carmelized onions & rosemary and then a sweeter one with dried fruits. Of course we had tea and tasted them all afterwards. A big thank you to Dympna who came over to the restaurant to give the demonstration after spending the wee hours of the morning baking for the Wave Cafe.

After our baking lesson (& second breakfast) we headed out towards Donegal town. Along the way we stopped at Catsby Cave and St. Patrick’s Well. During the time period when it was illegal for Catholics to practice their faith, this was one of the places they met in secret to hold mass and Sunday school.

We spent the afternoon in Donegal, exploring the town. The highlight of my afternoon was finding the wool shop where I scored a kilo of pure Donegal wool 😉 For those of you that know me, I have recently learned to knit and I am completely addicted to it. I have started hoarding yarn in my closet for all the future projects I plan to start. My local Donegal wool is now my prize possession. I think I will wait until I become a bit more skilled before I pull it out of my yarn stash.

Lots of things to do in Donegal. Some of us toured the castle, others shopped in the local craft stores, some had lunch or tea. On our way back to Bundoran in the evening we stopped at Ballyshannon to visit Dicey Reilly’s. That is where they brew 2 local craft beers Donegal Blonde and Atlantic Amber Ale. Had to taste a little…

We had another fabulous dinner at La Sabbia. Poor Paddy, he must be weary of us running amok in his restaurant. After dinner, Helen at 51 Main Street showed us how to pour the perfect pint of Guiness, shamrock and all. We all gave it a go. It was great craic!


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