Hello Budapest, Eager to Meet You

I started this blog as a way to reflect upon the cultural study tours I embarked on with students. It was a direct result of processing our experience in Peru. And then it kept going…. interestingly enough, people other than my mom wanted to read about it and started following this page.

But about a year and a half ago I changed roles at my institution and this blog sat oddly silent since. What I do now is less, well teacher-y and more administrative. Challenging and rewarding in its own right, but the give and take led to relinquishing the student travel program to someone else’s capable hands.

This is my first adventure sans students. Eastern Europe, particularly Budapest, has been on my bucket list for a while. Eager to start exploring.

*SPOILER ALERT* for those of you who know me, I have a love-hate relationship with the jungle. I love to hate it. There will be no jungle this trip, that’s right – no giant man eating bugs, no rotten brigdges to cross over dizzzing heights, no waterfalls to scale. Sorry if you were hoping for another of my rants on the jungle and why I hate it. Anyway I digress…

Already, less than 48 hours in, this trip has taught me things.

First, I don’t sleep. I’m not the best sleeper at home either, but I always blames my inability to sleep abroad on my worry over what the students were actually doing while they were supposed to be sleeping. Can’t blame them this trip. Hence, my 3 am blogging. 

Second. You can take the girl out of Anthropolgy but you can’t take anthropology out of the girl. Observering, recording, reflecting, interpreting – its second nature now, even without the students. Thank you East Carolina University and Florida State University, you have made me, well me. Fortune and glory, my friend. Indiana Jones had it right 🙂

So for this trip, no students, no jungle, but still musings about where I am and what I learn. As is often the case, cultural exploration is not only about experiencing the other, but also learning about yourself while reflecting on your journey. 

Well, it’s almost late, or early enough?, to pretend I’m just an early riser and head out for some coffee on deck. Oh, did I mention this adventure is a cruise, a taste of 5 countries. With someone else doing the planning and logistics. We shall see if the control freak can let go….and enjoy. Touring the city today. Update you all when I return.

Glad you are along for the ride. 


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